Zakiya’s first fashion magazine shoot!

July 8, 2015

When photographer Vandyke Williams asked Zakiya to be a model for an upcoming shoot for his online fashion magazine, she was a little bit hesitant.  This was way out of her comfort zone.  Headshots and photo calls for shows were one thing – but was she ready for a true fashion shoot?    However, upon visiting the website of the designer Vandyke wanted to pair her up with, she immediately signed on for the project.  Vandyke took spectacular photos and set an easy mood for the shoot that allowed Zakiya to break new personal ground in front of the camera.  Henry Bonna, a designer on the rise, chose spectacular gowns for the shoot that drew positive attention from passerby’s in Soho.  Remember Henry Bonna’s name – you definitely want to watch this young designer’s career.  Check out the interview with the designer and scroll down to the bottom to see pics from the shoot at the link below!

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