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La La Land

February 14, 2017

Well folks, it happened. I moved to Los Angeles a week ago. The actual move happened rather suddenly, however, moving to the west coast had been on my heart for about a year. I wasn’t fully convinced that I should make the change, but around Thanksgiving, things started falling into place and here I am!┬áThis doesn’t mean that I won’t visit my family on the east coast or return to NYC for different work opportunities – but L.A. is my new home.

I am excited for this new beginning and to put more focus on television and film opportunities. I am still with Nani-Saperstein Management and will keep you all updated as we add west coast members to my team.

If you’d like to follow my adventures as I adjust to a new time zone, a new city and new friends, check out my youtube channel. I’ll be posting short videos about my adventures on the west coast.

About Zakiya Young

Musings on life as a single, Christian Broadway actress... :-)

Watch Zakiya!

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