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April 15, 2012

Well I’ve done it. I’ve officially started blogging.

Who knows what this will be about – probably anything on my twitter page that I want to elaborate on. Or career happenings…or musings on life in NYC as a single woman…or maybe how much I hate exercising but I do it because it’s part of my job…or how much I miss Wawa coffee and Chick-Fil-A 🙂 But I promise, I will find at least one positive thing to share at the end of each post.

I’m pretty stream of consciousness in my writing…and I tend to be very wordy. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and get comfortable. You’re in for a treat.

What has made me happy today? This FANTASTIC weather. Oh my goodness, it was gorgeous outside! I love going outside on the first truly warm day of the season. Everyone is in such a good mood. And of course, you see a few people who couldn’t wait to rock sandals and shorts. Part of me wants to yell –‘TOO SOON!’–but I can’t knock their enthusiasm.

I’m in a new neighborhood this year, so I’m excited to see what kind of fun this summer will bring. Each NYC neighborhood I’ve lived in – I think this is my 11th – has a different flavor – a different feel. Especially during the summer. I also can’t wait to see what artists are coming to play free concerts in Central Park and Prospect Park.

This contrasts greatly with memories of growing up in the suburbs of PA. There was a sense of comfort in the familiarity of it all. Working at the Dairy Queen, Rita’s Water Ice, Good Neighbor Day on the 4th of July, Cheerleading Camp, the PA Writing Project, pool parties…I could go on. But I won’t. It was fun while I was there and from time to time I love to go back and visit family and friends. But NYC is my home and
I’m excited for the summer. The old memories are good – but I am here’s to making some new ones 🙂